Meet the Nutcracker Museum Crew!

These lovely ladies extend a cheery welcome to you and are ready introduce you to the museum or to help you pick out just the right gift for your loved one from the store. You are sure to find something else too, just for you to enjoy.


Arlene Wagner

ARLENE WAGNER, known as “The Nutcracker Lady” co-founded the museum with her husband George, and has designed the displays for the 7,000 nutcrackers shown in the museum.  Her books give testimony that she is known world-wide as an authority on the history of the nutcracker.




DEBBIE, our Internet expert, makes magic with our website and online store.  In addition to the museum, Debbie has many customers in her own DEBS WEBS internet business.




MICHELLE, with many years background in store management, is now in training to be the future “Nutcracker Lady”.  She is already adept at Power Point presentations and is awaiting school and club invitations.




MARIA is a wonder-woman with the store inventory as she makes sure to have the shelves are filled the exact gift you are wanting to buy.  She loves to show you the wonderful German collectibles.




TOVEANN makes sure we keep the building clean and inviting and does the magnificent floral displays you see around the museum.  Although most of the ladies play the drehorgel, Toveann is best at keeping it humming. 

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